To have a convenient folder and file structure help web developers and designers to manage their web application in a efficient manner. With the release of .Net Framework 2.0, reserves the some folder names, so developers can put special files in these folders.

App_Browser reserve this folder name for storing browser definition files. Browser definition files are used to determine the client browser capabilities. Browser definition files have .browser extension.


App_code folder can contain source code for utility classes as well business objects. Classes that are present in App_Code folder are automatically complied when your web application complied. Arbitrary file types can be placed in the App_Code folder to create strongly typed objects. For example, placing Web service files (.wsdl and .xsd files) in the App_Code folder creates strongly typed proxies. Code present in App_Code is automatically referenced by Application.


App_Data is used to store file that can be used as database files including MDF files, XML files, as well as other data store files. App_Data folder is used by application for storing application local database. Developers can also use this folder for storing data for their Application.


App_GlobalResources folder contains resources files that are complied into assemblies and these assemblies are available in Global scope. Resource files are strongly typed and can be accessed programmatically.


App_LocalResources folder also contain the same files that are being contained by App_GlobalResources  but files located in this folder are only available to a particular project, web page, master page or web user control.


App_Themes folder used by to store files that are being used to define the look and feel of web application. App_Themes folder store skin, CSS and image files. Skin files are files have .skin file extension.


Bin folder contains complied assemblies(.dll) files for web user controls, classes or for components.

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