Bing team in Microsoft working very hard to add more and more new feature in Bing. Bing team is now trying to build a bridge between Bing search results and social networking website. Bing & Ping will enable users to share their Bing search results with their friends on different social networking websites.

How Bing & Ping would Work ?


Bing & Ping will appear at the bottom of search results and users will be able to share these search results information with their friends via Social networking websites including Facebook, Twitter or they can simply send them an E-Mail.

Bing & Ping allow Bing users to share any kind of search results with their friends.

Bing & Ping

Bing & Ping

Bing & Ping is not yet available for testing yet but Microsoft only delivered a taste of the feature in the screenshots included with this article. If you’re interested in previewing this feature, be sure to become a fan of our Facebook page. Microsoft will be sending a special invitation to our fans to preview Bing and Ping. Check it out and let Bing team know what you think, if you like it and how Bing Team can make it better.