XAML is acronym for eXtensible Application Markup Language (and pronounced “Zammel”) and it is used for developing Silverlight Application. XAML can be written using any text editor like Notepad++, EditPlus or Simply Notepad, but after writing XAML there is a need to check whether XAML is working properly or not. There are tools available for running XAML application including Visual Studio or Microsoft Expression Blend. But there are some other ways also that can be used to run and test you XAML Application


SilverlightPad is a community application available at Silverlight community website. SilverlightPad can be used online as well as offline. If you are running SilverlightPad online then you can see XAML files on the left hand side. JavaScript tab is also there for attaching JavaScript with XAML. The XAML markup you type is parsed when you click on the Parse button on the bottom right, and the corresponding UI is rendered in the Scene pane.

SilverlightPad can only be used for testing Silverlight 1.0 applications.

Visit SilverlightPad Website


KaXAML is a windows application and it can be used to test Silverlight 2.0 applications also. On the right hand side KaXAML has a XAML pane where you can put or type XAML code. LaXAML also has a small toolbar comes very handy for taking snapshots, filling colors and performing some basic tasks.